High Rollers Dispensary Dispensary Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located near Atlantic City, NJ

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • robby bloom
    05/14/2024 07:03 PM
    Best shop in Atlantic City, super helpful and friendly and good prices!
  • Ray Febus
    05/13/2024 05:00 PM
    My 2nd time here I enjoyed the knowledge and assistance of a young lady named “Ro” which answered all my questions before moving on to the next person waiting. I received a lot of details about my curiosities about dabbing and how to get started for a beginner. Very bright and courteous. “I’ll be back” famous last words…
  • HOODTOONZ The Adventures of OG & Fat Steve
    05/12/2024 11:26 PM
    Cool spot…Nick was really helpful a patient. An I was told this will be the 1st spot in the state of NJ with a smoke lounge. Should be opening up sometime in June. So I’ll definitely be back!
  • Felipe Ruiz
    05/12/2024 08:43 PM
  • Billie Jo McCafferty
    05/12/2024 07:15 PM
    Nice place the bartenders were very nice and chill asked if u needed help or questions i like the way they had their products on display 🥰🥰 it was a cool experience 😁😁 prices well...... Kinda high but it is recreational sooooo but hey its a 15min walk off the boardwalk!!!! I come from a medical only state so the dispensaries in pa are nothing like the recreational dispensary lol all in all great place chill with an awsome vibe especially being next to the beach 🏖️😊🌊🏝️🌬️
  • Robert Jensen
    05/12/2024 05:30 PM
    Went here on 4/20. First night open. We were staying at the Claridge and got invited in. Had to show id but that's about it. This place is so elegant. Don't know if prices are good. First dispensary we were ever in. 10 stars.
  • Designer Sales
    05/11/2024 05:11 PM
    Best east coast dispensary I’ve ever been in! Great help from associates, including Jacob the floor manager. A must visit when in AC!
  • Gil Ortiz
    05/11/2024 03:44 PM
    Had a a great experience with my first time being in a recreational dispensary. Ro was very helpful and courteous. Great spot will be visiting again in the future.
  • Jeree Davenport
    05/10/2024 10:59 PM
    Great experience the best dispensary in Atlantic City so far!!
  • Candice Stinnett
    05/10/2024 04:38 PM
    Fascinating!! One of the most beautiful, exquisite, jaw-dropping, professional dispensaries I’ve been to!! From the security guards up front to the budtenders at checkout, I can’t wait to come back when the lounge opens in late summer!😍